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National Food Group Is Your Wholesale Food Distributor

We make sure food has a home

Here at National Food Group, it’s our duty to form relationships so that people eat. Being a wholesale food distributor, people come to us when they need market expertise, buying prowess, and stellar service. The relationships we build are important on every level of our business, which includes connecting with national manufacturers to procure items that may not have a home in their traditional market, but still should be on someone’s table nonetheless.

After 25 years of being in the wholesale food service industry, we’ve set our sights on being the brand in food distribution. As a privately-owned family business it allows us to be agile, innovative, and stay relevant in our industry.

We are your personal food service shopper

Food sustains us, inspires us, and excites us! We can’t think of anything more fun than partnering a person with a product that is actually needed and enjoyed! Wholesome food needs to reach the mouths and tickle the palates of an entire range of people. Whether it’s food on your child’s lunch tray, a campus buffet line, business café, a hospital, or in a correctional facility.

We do the right thing... always

It’s an important privilege to help make sure people eat and enjoy quality food. We are here to make sure the right food is matched with the required nutritional standards and needs of our food service customers. Making sure that people are fed is even at the core of what we do. That's why we have instituted our Step 1: Feed Local Families program. To find out more about Step 1 click here.

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